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Sun, Apr 29, 2012
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Apperception by Daan Van Golden at Wiels, Brussels

Installation view of Apperception by Daan Van Golden at Wiels, Brussels

Photo by Wiels, Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels

A beautiful exhibition of Dutch artist Daan Van Golden (NL, 1936), curated by Devrim Bayar, was on view at Wiels in Brussels. Van Golden has been working in an almost glacial pace since the early 1960s. He thus developed a simple and clear body of work, in which he offers us a fresh view on reality. Through two of the most iconic of available medias in the arts—painting and photography—Van Golden offers us a wide range of visual propositions, all aimed at evoking a clarity of consciousness, an acute awareness of an observer observing.

Apperception, the title of the show, refers to the state in which one not only has a fully conscious state of observation, but in which one is simultaneously able to reflect on this observation and place it in a context of personal experience and knowledge; total consciousness of being. Taking his subjects from the most mundane objects—a tablecloth, wrapping or wallpaper, or the overfamiliar silhouette of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart—Van Golden not only makes us reexamine iconic images from the world as we know it, he also makes us aware of looking at the world with an attention to detail akin to the best forms of meditation.

Apperception, by Daan Van Golden at Wiels, Contemporary Art Centre, through Sunday, April 29, 2012.