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Mon, Apr 16, 2012
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Architectural Heaven at Leti 360° Resort, Kumaon, India

Leti 360° Resort by Studio Mumbar, located at Uttaranchal, in the foothills of the Himalayas, Kumaon region, India, elevation 2300m

Photo by Shakti

I’m not easily trumpeting architectural accomplishments, but credit where credit is due. For some years, a very industrious team of craftsman and technicians have been working at an incredible body of work in Mumbai, India. Some might have seen their very sensitive intervention at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, in 2010. Indian-born and American-trained architect Bijoy Jain (IN, 1965) has been primus inter pares in a team of very skilled architects and craftsmen, which collectively design and build their projects. Pinnacle in their body of work is the Leti 360° Resort, a four room retreat on a bluff in the Himalayan foothills, built in 2007 at 2300m in India’s Kumaon region. Built to have the least possible impact on the environment, the entire retreat can be taken down without a trace.

Visit the website of Studio Mumbai for the team’s architectural interventions, each of them of a clarity and integrity rarely found.