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Metamatic Research Initiative

Jean Tinguely, Metamatic no. 17, 1959

Jean Tinguely with Metamatic no. 17 at the first Biennale de Paris, 1959

The Metamatic Research Initiative is a singular project aiming to promote research into the legacy of the Swiss/French artist Jean Tinguely (CH, 1925–1991). The project comprises of a call for entries resulting in eight commissions, of individual commissions, individual academic papers and an extensive visiting professor program in collaboration with the VU University Amsterdam. To compliment and further utilize the results from this support, there is a program of lectures, seminars, publications and exhibitions. Though closely collaborating with the Tinguely Museum (CH) as well as other institutions, the project is fully privately funded, unaffiliated and strictly not-for-profit.
Visit the website of the Metamatic Research Initiative.