Time to grow

… In 2017 we imagined a world of tolerance and respect and in 2018 it’s time to grow into that world together. Tettero is aiming to do this in many ways, by … Read More

Image Lella Vignelli

Lella Vignelli

Thank You

Today architect Lella Vignelli passed away here in New York. Lella was together with her husband Massimo the guiding force and example in the life of many young designers and architects in … Read More

Image Lella-and-Massimo-Vignelli



Design Standard. Italian-American designer Massimo Vignelli died at his home on 67th Street in New York on May 27th. Massimo and his wife Lella were the first designers I worked for when … Read More

Image CARLOS-AMORALES-Coal-Drawing-Machine,-2012

Photography Erik & Petra Hesmerg

Chambres des Canaux

CARLOS AMORALES Coal Drawing Machine, 2012 Installation with plotter printer, paper and charcoal, variable dimensions Courtesy of Collection All Art, Amsterdam Photography Erik & Petra Hesmerg The Tolerant Home 400 years of … Read More

Image CCTV building by Rem Koolhaas, Beijing, photo Siebe Tettero, Tettero Art Consultants, 2013

CCTV Headquarters by Rem Koolhaas, Beijing

Saw the future yesterday. The renowned CCTV Headquarters building in Beijing, created for the China Central Television company by Rem Koolhaas, possibly his most provocative, unconventional and daring structure to date. I … Read More

Leti 360° Resort by Studio Mumbar, located at Uttaranchal, in the foothills of the Himalayas, Kumaon region, India, elevation 2300m

Photo by Shakti

Architectural Heaven at Leti 360° Resort, Kumaon, India

I’m not easily trumpeting architectural accomplishments, but credit where credit is due. For some years, a very industrious team of craftsman and technicians have been working at an incredible body of work … Read More

Passion for Perfection, exhibition of objects from the Nasser David Khalili Collection at the Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam

Photo by Jeroen Musch

The Nasser D. Khalili Collection at the Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam

Mixing in 19th century Occidental fantasies about the Orient—such as flying carpets and the mystery of the Fata Morgana—with the visual dialogue arising from a myriad of similarities between Occidental and Oriental … Read More

The House of Viktor & Rolf, exhibition at Barbican Centre, London

The House of Viktor & Rolf at the Barbican Centre, London

In 2007 fashion designers Viktor & Rolf (Viktor Horsting, NL, 1969 & Rolf Snoeren, NL, 1969) decided to recreate 50 highlights from their oeuvre in miniature, scale 1:3. The labor-intensive project resulted in … Read More

Viktor & Rolf Upside-Down Store, Via Sant'Andrea, Milan

Viktor & Rolf Upside-Down Store, Milan

The Upside-Down Store brought together 18th century Scandinavian classicism, 19th century French boudoir-ism, nothing of the 20th century, and a 21st century post-historical amalgamation of ideas and styles. It expressed the desire of … Read More