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The House of Viktor & Rolf at the Barbican Centre, London

The House of Viktor & Rolf, exhibition at Barbican Centre, London

In 2007 fashion designers Viktor & Rolf (Viktor Horsting, NL, 1969 & Rolf Snoeren, NL, 1969) decided to recreate 50 highlights from their oeuvre in miniature, scale 1:3. The labor-intensive project resulted in an large retrospective exhibition about the two designers in the Barbican Centre in London.

A 22’11” × 19’8″ × 16’5″ (7m × 6m × 5m) dollhouse, inspired by 19th century London departments stores, was built to house the 60cm (2’0″) tall dolls. Each of the dolls had a twin copy in the shape of a life-size porcelain doll wearing the original garment. These dolls were displayed in the mezzanine overlooking the dollhouse. Video footage of the runway show featuring each garments supplemented the displays.

The exhibition The House of Viktor & Rolf was presented at the Barbican Centre from June through September 2008.

For a news video featuring the show, see The House of Viktor & Rolf.

Design by Siebe Tettero,
curated by Jane Alison with Bram Claassen,
design coordination by Meike Stoetzer,
execution by Benchwork (UK)
for Viktor & Rolf (Amsterdam).