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Fri, Jan 19, 2018
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Time to grow

… In 2017 we imagined a world of tolerance and respect and in 2018 it’s time to grow into that world together.

Tettero is aiming to do this in many ways, by growing worldwide, with our new US subsidiary TETTERO US; as well as by growing linguistically, offering our website now also in Mandarin for our Asian market; by growing spiritually, in being the co-curator and designer of the new exhibition ‘Buddha’s Garden’ this fall in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam; by growing as coach and advisor, by being a board member of Manifesta12 | Palermo (please don’t miss the opening on Friday … June), as well as a board member of the Verbier Art Summit, which is having its 2nd full-scale high altitude edition as we speak on the topic More than real; art in the digital age (the next edition will be January j2019); and finally by growing bold, through the creation of a new initiative The Temporary Center, a platform daring to explore the intangible world of impermanence as the source of living in our time …


Much to look forward to, so stay tuned and for now we wish everybody a surprising, invigorating and prosperous 2018.