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Viktor & Rolf Upside-Down Store, Milan

Viktor & Rolf Upside-Down Store, Via Sant'Andrea, Milan

The Upside-Down Store brought together 18th century Scandinavian classicism, 19th century French boudoir-ism, nothing of the 20th century, and a 21st century post-historical amalgamation of ideas and styles. It expressed the desire of Viktor & Rolf (Viktor Horsting, NL, 1969 & Rolf Snoeren, NL, 1969) to turn the world upside-down in their first autonomous store. The store was build without compromise to quality: full herringbone oak parquet, marble mantle pieces and custom-made gold-leafed chandeliers. Entered on a central axes, the store comprised of two shopping areas, a perfume section, two fitting rooms and a tailoring room. Key to the idea, was to have the design work both ways optically; even turned downside-up the image would still work for the viewer in terms of its spatial perspective. In order to achieve this, the store was assembled off-site until all perspectival details were worked out. It was then disassembled and put back together in the Via Sant’Andrea location. The Viktor & Rolf Upside-Down Store opened in April 2005 and closed in August 2008. Design by Siebe Tettero with Sherrie Zwail at SZI Design (Amsterdam) and CLS Architetti (Milan) for Viktor & Rolf (Amsterdam).