The Temporary Centre

INITIATIVE: The Temporary Center is a virtual platform initiated by Siebe Tettero to explore the concept of impermanence in the arts in general, and more specifically in contemporary visual art.


AIM: The Temporary Center’s core aim is to expand awareness of the idea of change and impermanence as the essential condition of life, recognizing art as a key conduit to fulfil this aim.


TOPICS: In this initiative, impermanence is understood from several angles.

How can we explore new thinking by applying the notion of impermanence in art. What forms can this initiative take and how can it evolve over time? (Working method)

How do we deal with the concept of ‘not recording’ in an overtly documented society? What methods can we employ to learn to embrace impermanence and thus loss in our society. (Society- wide)

How does impermanence play out within an art market driven by material commodities? Which artists can we identify who erode this driving force? (Classic art world)

How will the continuing rise of digital and virtual culture impact the arts, specifically the visual arts? Where do we see new approaches to creativity and personal expression in a digital age? (Digital age)


MEANS: In its initial phase, The Temporary Center will explore its parameters via dialogues. There will be no fixed location for these dialogues, which may occur at any time anywhere in the world. Neither will there be a record of the proceedings of these dialogues, based on the belief that presence and personal memory are the only means of recording required. The first initiative is planned for this fall in our offices in New York.



Marina Abramović

Gerard Forde

Auke van den Hout

Tom Klinkowstein